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This website and/or mobile app is owned and operated by Compass Group International B.V. We understand that you, as a visitor to our website and/or mobile app, could have concerns regarding the information you provide us with and how we handle this information. We respect your privacy. This privacy policy describes the information we collect and how we use it. This applies only to information collected through this website and/or mobile app and not through other sources. 

The conditional use of the website  
Your access to, and use of this website and/or mobile app and content (the “website/mobile app”) is subject to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy (“Privacy policy”) and all applicable laws. By accessing and using this website/mobile app, you accept and agree to this without any limitation or qualification. Your use of this site is also subject to the terms and conditions posted on this website/mobile app. 

Information we collect 
On our website/mobile app we collect certain personal data such as name, gender, age, address and e-mail of online visitors who choose to register on our website/mobile app or to participate in our offers and promotions. The collected information is processed for drop shipment of products to the (home)address of participators, for requests, claims, as well as improving the usability of our website/mobile app. 
We do not require you to register or provide personal information to us in order to see or access our website/mobile app. But if you register, you have access to some additional features that enables you to, for example, receive additional information about your favourite products or to participate in our interactive community in the future.
With the explicit consent of your part, you can receive commercial communications about promotional offers, discounts, contests and information about products and services of the partners in the website/mobile app by post or by electronic means and devices. You can withdraw your consent at any time or change your selection by filling out the contact form. You have the right to, at all times, accession, rectification, erasure and opposition of your personal data held by us. You can contact us via the contact form. 

This is how we collect personal information:
A. Registration
To receive full advantage of our offers, you can subscribe on our website/mobile app. During the registration process we may ask for certain information (like contact information, age and the school where you study) so we can send you the notifications you request and to customise our contact with you. 
B. Contests and promotions
Our website/mobile app can contain notifications about contests and promotional games which you can join. We may use the information you provide in the context of the promotion (for example, to notify you if you have won).
C. Email
If you ask us to send you updates, recipes or other content via email, you can provide us with certain information, like your email address, so we can fulfil your request. 
D. Contact link
If you contact us using the contact form of this website we ask for information like your name, email address and other information so that we can respond to your questions and comments. You can also choose to provide additional information.
F. Information collected by automated means
We may use cookies, pixel tags, log files and other technologies to collect certain information from our visitors through our website, the use of our online services, the interaction with our email and online ads. For example, through the use of those means, we can collect information regarding your browser type and operating system, web pages visited, links you click, IP address and websites visited before you came to our website. We can also see if you have opened, forwarded or clicked on the redirect link to our website in the emails we have sent you. 
You can adjust the settings of your internet browser to stop accepting cookies. You can also receive a message when you receive a new cookie and to omit images (which will disable pixel tags). Please consult our “Cookie Policy” for more information.

How we use and share your information 
We may use the information we collect to contact you. We can for example (i) respond to your questions or comments, or (ii) contact you during the processing of a product, or service, that you have requested through our website/mobile app as needed. We may use the information you provide us with to contact you for your opinion about our products, services or websites. As described in this privacy policy, we also use the information we collect to improve and to adjust the products or services that we provide to your personal interest. Only if your permission is given, we may use your personal information to send promotions, materials and other communication and information about us, our brands or partners to you. We do not make any personal information public and we do not sell personal details of our website visitors, except as described here. We do not share your personal details with unaffiliated third parties for their own marketing purposes without your permission. We will, in an anonymised way (so untraceable to your personal details) use your details for benchmarking or other types of analysis or market research. 
We may share your personal information with partners within the website/mobile app. We can also share the information with service providers that we use to perform services for us, such as participating in promotions, fulfilling orders and providing costumer service. These service providers may have access to personal details of our website visitors/mobile app users, if it is needed to perform their service properly. They are however, not authorised by us to use or disclose information, outside these services or to comply with legal regulations. Additionally, where permitted by local law, we may disclose information where we deem it necessary to prevent an actual or alleged crime or injury to ourselves or others, to investigate or to disclose. Or if required by law, or in response to a request from a law enforcement agency or other government officials. We may conduct joint promotions with other companies. We can share certain personal details with our promotional partners (and their service providers) if necessary for the promotion. We will not share this information with our promotional partners for any other purpose, unless you agree to share this. 

How we protect your information
The security of your personal details is important to us. We maintain administrative, technical and physical security guards to protect against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or destruction of personal information we collect through the website. However, we can not guarantee its safety. To the extend permitted by law, we indemnify us and any liability and responsibility for any damage you may suffer as a result of loss, unauthorized access, abuse or alteration of information that you provide to this website. 

Modification to this Privacy Policy
Be informed that we can alter information on this website and/or privacy policy at any time without having to inform you. You should regularly check this Privacy Policy for changes. All changes are effective if the revised Privacy Policy is posted on the website. By continuing to make use of this website you agree to these changes. 

Contact us:
If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us using the contact form. 


What are cookies? 
A cookie is a small data file that is stored in the web browser of your computer if certain webpages are visited. On its own a cookie can’t contain information or collect, but if it is read by a web browser through a server, it can transmit information for a more user friendly service by registering, among other things, data, user preferences, debugging and/or collect statistical data. A cookie will not damage your computer and personal identifiable information will not be saved by using this site. For more information about the use of cookies on this site visit How we use cookies (link).

To use this website to its full potential, you must enable cookies. If you do not wish to enable cookies, you can still visit the site, although you can not access all functionalities in that case. Most web browsers enable cookies automatically, but if you click on the manage cookies (link) you can find more information about your cookie settings. 

This information is part of our efforts in coherence with recent legislation and to ensure we are open, honest and clear about user privacy. You can view our Privacy Policy for more information. 

How we use cookies
During your visit to this website different kinds of cookies are created. We use three types of cookies:

Session cookies, are automatically deleted after each visit.
Permanent cookies, are stored during multiple visits to the site.
Third-party cookies, are used by websites of partners and are embedded in our site or where we link to. 

Session cookies
This allows you to use essential functions on the site, such as remembering a field that repeats itself within a browsing session. Moreover, they reduce the need to send information over the internet. They are not stored on your computer and are deleted when you end your browser session. 

Permanent cookies
This allows us to recognise visitors anonymously who visit the site several times. Using an anonymous, randomly generated identifier specific information can be stored such as your way to the site, the pages you look at, the option you select and your route through the site. By analysing this information, we can improve the site, fix bugs and enhance the content. 
We use Google Analytics software to analyse page use, page interactions and routes through our sites. These are known as ‘web metrics’. We do not store any personal information as part of this process. 

Third Party Cookies
When visiting our site, you might notice cookies that are unrelated to us. If you visit a webpage with embedded content, such as Facebook or YouTube, they can send you cookies. We do not have control over these cookies, so we encourage you to consult the individual third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

Cookie control
Enable or disable cookies
If you are not familiar with the type and the version of the web browser you are using to visit the internet, click on ‘help’ at the top of your browser and then click on ‘About’. You will then see the relevant information. 

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0,7.0,8.0
Click the ‘Settings’ option at the top of your browser window, select Internet Settings and then click the Privacy Tab. Put your privacy level to medium or lower, which enables cookies in your browser. Settings higher than medium disable cookies. 

Google chrome (latest version)
Click the wrench icon at the top right corner of your browser window and select Settings. Click below on ‘Advanced Settings’ and find the ‘Privacy’ section. Click ‘Content settings’ and select under the ‘Cookies’ section the top ‘Allow local data to be set’ to enable cookies. To disable cookies, click the option ‘Block sites from setting any data’, ‘Block third-party cookies and site data’ or ‘Keep local data only until you quit your browser’.

Mozilla Firefox 
Click Settings at the top of your browser window and select ‘Options’. Then select the Privacy icon at the top of the popup window. Uncheck ‘Accept cookies from sites’ to enable cookies. Remove this check to disable cookies. 

Click on the gear icon at the top of your browser window and select Preferences. Click on the ‘Privacy’ Icon at the top of the popup window that appears. Check the option ‘Block third-party cookies and cookies form advertisers’ checkbox. If you wish to disable cookies completely, check the ‘Never’ option.